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You Know It’s Easter When …

March 31, 2013

  • – One day there is veld then the next day there’s a confetti of white, pink and fuchsia as the first harbingers of Easter, the cosmos flowers,  annex the Highveld.




  • – You reach for something with long sleeves in the evenings; the 30 degree + days are a fading memory.
  • – Hot Cross Buns stand in for something religious, like raisins and a sugar water glaze can stand in for something all together more spiritual.
  • – Gauteng’s in pause mode as the first quarter of the year is ticked off and there’s a gap for trips to the Vaal, pilgrimages to the Zion City of Moria and long weekends at Sun City to ride fake waves and push buttons on a slot machine.
  • – Stores are in big display mode because big spin means big spend. Bunny ears on alice bands equal the cha-ching at the tills and so too does chocolate fashioned into rabbits, eggs or anything that actually lays eggs.




  • – School’s out for the hols so kids are left to do the mall trawl. They’re handed over to bigger kids, students dressed up as in mothballed rabbits suits who are made to hold treasure hunts of mashmallow eggs. The kids mean business, frisking bunnies on display, upending flower pots of fakes bushes and pulling the cartooned students’ dirty cotton tails for not handing over more of the sugary booty.

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE – blessings of spirit, chocolate and even cotton tails to pull

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