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Troyeville in Johannesburg is one of the city’s oldest suburbs. It’s bruised, it’s battered and communities have come and gone. But the churches are still standing. After all, this is the suburb of steeples and spires with churches every few paces you walk.

Now though services are held in French or Portuguese – it’s the place the city’s newcomers call home. Where there may once have been “Silence Church” signs, now the synthetic drone of keyboards and drums on high volume get the faithful on their feet … arms raised to the heavens.

Below are some pix I took on trip down to Troyeville for an article I wrote for City Press iMAG over the Easter weekend.

DSC_0970Worship and praise at the Divine Fountain Church. ©Ufrieda Ho



DSC_0984The gothic-styled NG Church is a national monument. But its congregation has moved on. The building now is for Pastor Mike’s flock, many of whom are from the Congo. Services are in French, English and Sotho. ©Ufrieda Ho

DSC_0991In a twirl of tithing – the faithful form a queue around the raised podium to drop in their 10 percent … or thereabout. ©Ufrieda Ho




The streets of Copenhagen – full of spirit, colour and of course bicycles. And you don’t even break out into a sweat because the highest point in the city is when you’re on your tippy toes.


The “Free Republic” of Christiania, Copenhagen. ©Ufrieda Ho

Pedal Power in Copenhagen. ©Ufrieda Ho

Mannequins hitch a ride … along with all other Danes. ©Ufrieda Ho


A trip to Mozambique

Mozambican kids share a smile. ©Ufrieda Ho

Young Mozambican girl. ©Ufrieda Ho

A semi-automatic weapon of destruction reincarnates as a more useful cordon peg in Mozambique. ©Ufrieda Ho


A Tree Heart - ©UFRIEDA HO

TREE HEART ©Ufrieda Ho

A Tree Fairy

TREE FAIRY ©Ufrieda Ho